Polynucleotide skin rejuvenation treatments, also known as (婴儿针), are injectable filler treatments. Polynucleotide (PN) chains are DNA fragments that repair damaged dermal (skin) cells and assist in collagen stimulation, and is a treatment targeted at ageing skin, skin rejuvenation and skin healing. PN in Polynucleotide is extracted from Salmon DNA. Research has shown that salmon DNA is an effective key ingredient for addressing ageing skin by rejuvenating and repairing the skin from inside.

What are the areas that can be treated?

Most areas of the face, cheek, lips, neck, hands, knees, and skin with stretchmarks can benefit from this rejuvenation treatment. It can also be used to treat difficult to treat and delicate areas like the corner of your eyes, the corners of the mouth and the area under the eyes.

How does it work?

When Polynucleotide is delivered into the dermis by micro-injections, it triggers cell regeneration. A key ingredient – DNA polymers provide a 3-D scaffolding structure for elastin and collagen growth.

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