Laser Genesis is a long-pulsed ND-YAG laser for skin rejuvenation. It utilizes non-invasive laser technology at low energy with pulse settings that gradually build up heat to stimulate the lower layers of skin. This treatment is effective to treat fine lines, wrinkle, large pores, uneven skin texture, diffuse redness and rosacea and scars. You will see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side-effects.

Who is suited for this treatment?

If your skin looks dry, dull and in need of a boost then Laser Genesis is probably what your skin would ask for if it could speak. Laser Genesis brings the spring back to your skin by shrinking large pores, evening skin tone and smoothing out fine lines. If you suffer from light to moderate rosacea, Laser Genesis reduces the redness. Patients with light acne scars benefit from the production of collagen that Genesis activates plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of scarring. 

How does it work?

The Laser Genesis gently heats the upper dermis well below the skin’s surface and this heating stimulates collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce facial or skin redness. Laser Genesis is used to rejuvenating the face, neck, décolletage, and hands. It is often used to diminish recent scars on other parts of the body.

How long does each treatment take?

Laser Genesis is a 30 minute treatment. The laser energy feels warm and soothing.

Is there any pain or downtime?

Laser Genesis applies repeating pulses of low energy that slowly heat layers of the skin. The slow and even increase in temperature make Laser Genesis very safe and comfortable.

Are there any side effects?

Laser Genesis is performed with a YAG laser. The same laser wavelength used to treat dark skin for laser hair removal. Because of the wavelength, Genesis is safe for all skin types and ideal for light and medium skin tones.

What results should I expect?

Laser Genesis can restore the skin’s youthful glow and the appearance by smoothing out uneven texture caused by aging, sun damage or scars. The skin complexion improves, pores are smaller and redness improved.

How many treatments will I need?

For best results, approximately 4- 6 treatments will be required

There are so many different lasers? How would I know which suits me best?

Different lasers have different wavelengths to treat different concerns. It’s best to arrange a consultation with the doctor to see which treatment best suits you. No consultation charges.


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