Eye Lifting Laser

Eye Lifting Laser is a non-invasive Er:YAG laser treatment that significantly tightens loose and aging skin of the eyelids and periocular region with little-to-no downtime and maximum patient comfort, making this a very sought after non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

  •  Improves skin elasticity, overall structure and volume
  • Stimulates collagen remodeling and initiates  neocollagenesis
  • Little-to-no down-time
  • Gentle, fast and non-invasive
  • Safe and precisely controlled

How Does it work?

The optical energy is delivered in a unique, sub-second long pulse sequence which prevents temperature build-up at the surface and achieves homogeneous heating within several hundred micrometers of the tissue.

Eye Lifting Laser is ideal for skin tightening. The intense, controlled surface tissue heating stimulates collagen remodeling and initiates neocollagenesis. The result is an overall improvement of wrinkles, laxity and elasticity in the treatment areas around the eyes.

How long does each treatment take?

A treatment typically last between 20-30mins, depending on the condition or treatment area

Is there any pain or downtime?

The treatment has no down time

Are there any side effects?

Some patients may see some areas of slight redness immediately post treatment but this should resolve within a few hours.

What results should I expect?

After a few treatment sessions, the result is improved skin elasticity, overall structure, and volume with significant wrinkle reduction.

How many treatments will i need?

For best results, approximately 5-10 treatments. 


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