Aesthetic Investments — The treatments that can future-proof your beauty

Done with your financial planning? Then it’s time to work out an aesthetics plan. Read on to find out the aesthetic treatments you should invest in to future-proof your looks.

It is said that those who plan, achieve. That’s why goal setting and action plans ensure the road ahead is a successful and fulfilling one.

While most people typically focus their plans on the usual aspirations concerning personal and spiritual well-being, travel, career and finances, we believe a big priority should be physical and emotional health and appearance.

Indeed, given the leaps and bounds aesthetic medicine has made in recent years, consistent, non-invasive, aesthetic maintenance is a failsafe way to keep you looking your best in the future and the years to come. Just think of your favourite celebrity or even your own friends, who never seem to age a day or even subtly start to look younger… There’s definitely more than good genes involved in that kind of beauty preservation and the science of ageing gracefully.

the right aesthetic treatments to invest in

The right treatments to invest in

However, don’t just rush to sign yourself up for the next beauty treatment that promises to keep you looking youthful. Just like good financial investments, you need to find the right match for your needs.

Here are three examples of aesthetic investments to consider, advised by Dr Calvin Chan.

Beauty concern 1:
Facial skin starts to lose volume and definition and facial contours start to look gaunt and deflated.

The aesthetic treatment to try: Injectable Dermal Fillers. 

Doctor’s advice: Fillers can and should be used gradually to maintain youthful facial volume,” says Dr Chan. “One shouldn’t wait until the face looks deflated before having injectable fillers… that would cause a drastic, obvious change. Rather, a maintenance program of fillers, before obvious signs of ageing kick in, would be better to upkeep the appearance of the face.” Using MD Codes, a system of precise injection sites developed by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Mauricio de Maio and practiced by Dr. Calvin Chan, fillers can efficiently restore a refreshed, happy, relaxed and youthful appearance.


Beauty concern 2:
Skin damage caused by sun, ageing or acne.

The aesthetic treatment to try: Rejuran Skin Healer

Doctor’s advice: Rejuran is an injectable skin treatment of polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), made from DNA that’s extracted from salmon. “Injecting the skin with PDRN addresses signs of skin damage and ageing. It rejuvenates and repairs the skin from inside and can give patients soft, smooth, luminous and supple complexions,” says Dr Chan.


Beauty concern 3:
Fat pockets on areas of the body that are resistant to exercise.

The aesthetic treatment to try: An EMSCULPT Program

Doctor’s advice: “EMSCULPT is an FDA-cleared device that helps to burn fat and build muscle. Using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy, it induces multiple supramaximal muscle contractions in a 30-min session to accelerate muscle growth and trigger fat loss in the treated area — working your muscles to a level you cannot achieve with exercise alone,” says Dr Chan. “EMSCULPT an effective non-invasive and non-surgical way to trim the tummy, define abs, lift and firm the butt, and sculpt arms, thighs and calves.”

injectable fillers to maintain a youthful face

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*The information provided in this blog post is not intended as medical advice or instruction on aesthetic treatments. Patients should always consult a medical professional prior to making any decisions or undertaking any actions related to health care.

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