10 questions on lower face fillers answered

10 Facts About Chin & Jaw Fillers You Need To Know

Will having chin and jaw fillers make you look fake? Does it hurt to get fillers injected? How do you know if you’re a good candidate for chin and jaw fillers? How much do fillers cost? Dr Chan answers these often-Googled questions and more.

1. What are the common fillers that you use in your practice, and for filling out which areas of the face?

In my practice, I use hyaluronic acid fillers like those from Juvederm. Common sites for filler injections include the cheeks, nose, temples, jawline, chin and forehead.

2. Are fillers a popular option with patients?

Yes. In April 2019, Allergan, the parent company of Juvederm, released the results of its first-of-its-kind worldwide medical aesthetics study, titled the Allergan 360° Aesthetics Report, exploring the mindset and motivations of aesthetically conscious consumers, as well as aesthetic physicians. Of the over 14,500 consumers interviewed, 70% of people are concerned about the way their face looks and 51% of people want to change their lower face shape.

Some background — To develop the report, Allergan tapped into consumers and aesthetic physicians from 18 countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

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3. Is there a difference between Asian and Caucasian patients when it comes to filler procedures?

The general attributes of the Asian face include a wider and rounder face structure, higher eyebrows, fuller upper lid, lower nasal bridge, flatter midface, fuller lips and receded chin. And this generally rounder and flatter facial structure means there’s weaker skeletal support, which makes the Asian face more susceptible to gravitational sagging especially in the lower face causing marionette lines, jowls, hanging cheeks, and a softer, less defined chin and jawline.

For these issues, Juvederm has developed the Juvederm Volux, which has good potential for helping to correct and sculpt the jawline and chin in Asian faces, to promote a more youthful and contoured look. This is because Volux has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid with a thicker consistency, higher density and more elasticity, making it suitable to provide lift to the skin tissue while retaining its structure, and is therefore ideal for adding jawline and chin definition.

4. In what instances would you reject someone who wants to get lower face fillers?

Lower face fillers isn’t for someone who already has good lower face definition like a strong chin and prominent jawline.

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5. At what age does the loss of facial definition and sagging set in?

There isn’t a specific age at which ageing happens as this is also attributed to lifestyle and genetic factors of individuals. The loss of facial definition happens from the onset of fat and bone loss, which occurs as part of the ageing process. The face starts to sag as the facial structure starts to lose volume and bone mass, this is accelerated by the effects of gravity.

6. How do I find a doctor who can do Juvederm Volux filler injections in Singapore?

Juvederm is a well-known filler brand and is of course used by many doctors in Singapore, including our clinic’s doctors.

One aspect to consider is if a doctor practices MD Codes when administering injectable fillers. MD Codes is a system of predefined and precise sites on the face where dermal fillers can be injected to elevate and rejuvenate the skin for more natural anti-aging results, giving practitioners a step by step guide for performing a variety of facial filler injections for greater predictability of outcome.

I personally believe in practicising MD Codes for filler injections as the results are beautiful and more natural. This why I attended the 2019 MD Codes Tour, a 6-year program conducted by the creator of MD Codes, Dr Mauricio De Maio and Allergan.

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7. How fast can I see results? Is it reversible?

Results can be seen immediately as the injected fillers instantly lift the skin and add structure

8. How much does it cost to get lower face fillers?

Juvederm Volux costs $856 nett per syringe and usually about 2-4 syringes of Juvederm Volux are needed for typical chin and/or jawline remodeling.

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9. Is there an age that is too young or too old to get facial fillers done?

A patient needs to be over 21. Those who are under 21 will require parental consent.
As for how old is too old to get aesthetic fillers done, my reply is: “How old do you have to be to not care how you look?” As long as you care about your looks and want to have fillers to improve your facial aesthetics, why not?

10. How fast is the procedure? What is the downtime? What should I do for aftercare?

The procedure itself takes about 10 min, excluding the consultation and numbing.
You can expect some swelling or bruising immediately after treatment, which usually resolves in a day or two. Avoid sports and exercise a day after the treatment.


*The information provided in this blog post is not intended as medical advice or instruction on the use of injectable fillers. Patients should always consult a medical professional prior to making any decisions or undertaking any actions related to health care.

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